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2024.04.12 TV再放送:NHK-BSP4K「絶景にっぽん月の夜」“Spectacular View of Japan: Moonlit Night”


番組名:ザ・プレミアム「絶景にっぽん月の夜」 “Spectacular View of Japan: Moonlit Night”  https://www.nhk.jp/…/ts/YLGKWGLR2Q/episode/te/LXG61WP178/

再放送予定:2024年4月12日(金) 午前9:30 〜 午前11:03   (90分)

          4月12日(金) 午後10:30 〜 午前0:03   (90分)

放送波:BSP4K (旧4K)「4Kプレミアムカフェ・アンコール」枠にて


Actress Manami Hashimoto will introduce “living with the moon” from all over Japan, and enjoy the ultimate moon viewing at Ginkakuji Temple in Kyoto with “moon lovers” from various fields.


I spoke to actress Manami Hashimoto about the “supreme moon viewing” at Ginkakuji.
The Japanese people have loved the moon like no other in the world. There are countless names for the moon, such as the waxing moon, the sixteenth night (Izayoi), and the standing moon. Agriculture and fishing depend on the moon. Such activities with the moon still exist in various places. Crescent moon worship, tug-of-war festivals, all-night dancing, Yakushima nights…We bring you “living with the moon” under the moonlight from all over the country. In addition, Manami Hashimoto will explore ways to love the moon with other moon lovers from various fields, and will hold a “supreme moon viewing” at Ginkakuji Temple.